LB Broth (Lennox) Mix, 2kg,Low Salt, Powder Premix

  • Catalog name: 11-125
  • Supplier name: Genesee
  • Size: 2kg/Unit
  • Price: 326.00€
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  • Additional description Premixes for PCR contain dNTPs and MgCl. A PCR premix is much easier for DNA amplification than standard TAQ polymerase.
  • Properties ยบ C. The broth is a modified culture medium for culturing isolated or enriched bacteria, yeasts and micro organisms.The buffered pH and low salt content of these media broths will ensure a perfect growth of the pathogens to be detected. The broth or culture medium is supplied in 500gr and 5 x 500gr quntities by Genesee. The broth's MSDS certificate is supplied for appoval of our broth's batch quality. The screening and selective enrichment of these pathogens and bacteriacan also be obtained by other broths and selective culture media supplements.