Annexin V-EGFP Apoptosis Kit - 100 assays

  • Catalog name: GWB-AXR010
  • Supplier name: genways
  • Size: 1 vial
  • Price: 614.00€
  • Storage temperature store cold
  • Expiry date 1 y
  • Category research antibodies, ELISAs, recombinant proteins, vectors and reagents for laboratory use
  • Conjugate The Green Fluorescent Protein (eGFP) of Annexin V- Apoptosis Kit - 100 assays can be excited at 488 nanometers with a peak emission at 509 nanometers and is detected in the FL1 detector on the FACSCalibur or FACScan. The LSRII and all of the core's sorter flow cytometers can tell the difference between at the same time/together expressing eGFP and eYFP cells when the proper optical filters and experimental controls exist.