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010218809680.1% Ammonium Chloride Resistivity solution A acc IEC 60112:2003RESNHCLA1209.55€Details
010218843730.2 M Sodium Phosphate Mobile Phase Buffer pH 6.8 +/- 0.1 at 20°C acc to JPJAMP199.68€Details
010218866080.25 mg/L C NIST Sucrose Calibration standardISTOC1002137.27€Details
010118820680.25% Potassium PermanganatePP025H177.98€Details
010218820620.2M Phosphate Buffer pH7.50 +/- 0.2PB02M1099.67€Details
010118819950.3% Hydrogen PeroxideHP03F108.75€Details
010218866090.5 mg/L C from NIST Sucrose Calibration standardISTOC1003137.27€Details
010118865870.5 mg/L C from Sodium Dodecylbenzene SulfonateISTOC1124174.85€Details
010118865880.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-BenzoquinoneISTOC1108128.69€Details
010118866310.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-BenzoquinoneISTOC1112128.69€Details
010118866820.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-BenzoquinoneISTOC1121174.85€Details
010118866480.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-BenzoquinoneISTOC1127257.59€Details
010118866420.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-BenzoquinoneISTOC1142438.76€Details
010118866870.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-BenzoquinoneISTOC1146438.76€Details
010118866370.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-BenzoquinoneISTOC1156692.11€Details
010218866100.5 mg/L C from USP 1,4-Benzoquinone System Suitability standardISTOC1007137.27€Details
010118865890.5 mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1107128.69€Details
010118866320.5 mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1111128.69€Details
010118866830.5 mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1120174.85€Details
010118866490.5 mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1126257.59€Details
010118866430.5 mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1141438.76€Details
010118866880.5 mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1145438.76€Details
010118866380.5 mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1155692.11€Details
010218866110.5 mg/L C from USP Sucrose System Suitability standardISTOC1006137.27€Details
010218819700.5 ppm Fluoride standardWTRF051101.59€Details
010218819690.5 ppm Fluoride standardWTRF055152.82€Details
010118866240.5mg/L C from USP 1,4 - BenzoquinoneISTOC1202692.11€Details
010118866260.5mg/L C from USP SucroseISTOC1201692.11€Details
010218866120.75 mg/L C from NIST Sucrose Calibration standardISTOC1004137.27€Details
010218819541 % W / V CHROMIC ACIDCHA105158.42€Details
010118864191% Eosin Y in Purified waterEOW0011207.72€Details
010118864181% Eosin Y in Purified waterEOW0015446.31€Details
010218820731% W / V Silver Sulphate in Sulphuric acidAGS110389.73€Details
010218819671.5 ppm Fluoride standardWTRF155210.89€Details
0102188197110% Formalin solutionF1010229.03€Details
0102188197610% Formic Acid solutionF10VV5159.62€Details
0101188197410% Neutral Buffered Formalin - 5ltNBF105100.19€Details
0102188197310% Neutral Buffered Formalin NBF in 2x5L UN jerrycanNBF1054111.89€Details
0102188204110% ortho phosphoric acid solutionOP10-10L371.20€Details
0102188204010% ortho phosphoric acid solutionOP10-20L510.23€Details
0101188208210% Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Wetting ReagentSLSRX1F146.33€Details
01021886615100 μS/cm Conductivity standard for CalibrationISTOC1015100.47€Details
01021886600100 μS/cm Conductivity standard for CalibrationISTOC1016107.56€Details
01021886623100 μS/cm Conductivity standard for CalibrationISTOC1014131.61€Details
01021882055100mM Phosphate. pH 3.00 +/- 0.03 5 L DrumPB3005153.59€Details
010218844961st Dissolution Fluid Dissolution Media concentration - 230.8ml of conc. dilutes to 6LDBCJP1DF-00368.17€Details
010118844881st Dissolution Fluid Dissolution Media Conentrate - 250ml of conc. dilutes to 10LDBCJP1DF-01396.59€Details
010218819662 ppm Fluoride standardWTRF205254.21€Details
0101188195520% Citric Acid ReagentCA20WVF149.96€Details
0102188197220% Neutral Buffered Formalin solution 2.5L fill in 5L PailNBF20525171.06€Details
0102187944821 Element mixed ICP 100 ppm in 5% HNO3REICPQC21A426.90€Details
0102187944925 ICP MULTIELEMENT standard 100 ppm in 2-5% HNO3 & 0.2%HFICP25A20420.00€Details
0101188209325% W/W Sodium HydroxideS25WW194.46€Details
010218844892nd Dissolution Fluid Dissolution Media concentration - 230.8ml of conc. dilutes to 6LDBCJP2DF-00396.59€Details
0102188205930mM Phosphate. pH 2.54 +/- 0.03 2 L DrumPB25425126.98€Details
0102188205630mM Phosphate. pH 3.28 +/- 0.03 5 L DrumPB3285153.59€Details
010218820944% W / V Sodium HydroxideS4WV194.24€Details
010118819385% Ascorbic Acid Reducing ReagentASCA5WVF129.40€Details
010118819535% CHROMIC ACIDCHA505177.98€Details
010218822525% diSodium tetraborate solution 100mlNATB5168.39€Details
010118820975% Sodium ThiosulphateNATS55140.96€Details
010118820215g Sodium ThioSulfate Tablets used to destroy the Mercury-ammonium complex prior to distillationRG-AA305366.02€Details
01021879200AA Atomic Absorption Aluminium standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AAALH106.56€Details
01021879199AA Atomic Absorption Aluminium standard 10000 ppm in 1M HNO3AAALM222.73€Details
01021879202AA Atomic Absorption Antimony standard 1000 ppm in pure waterAASBH106.56€Details
01021879201AA Atomic Absorption Antimony standard 10000 ppm in pure waterAASBM233.06€Details
01021879205AA Atomic Absorption Arsenic III standard 1000 ppm in 1M HClAAASH108.97€Details
01021879203AA Atomic Absorption Arsenic III standard 1M HCI 10000 ppmAAASM222.73€Details
01021879204AA Atomic Absorption Arsenic V standard 1000 ppm in 1M HNO3AAAS05H138.68€Details
01021879208AA Atomic Absorption Barium standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AABAH112.47€Details
01021879207AA Atomic Absorption Barium standard 10000 ppm in 1M HNO3AABAM153.88€Details
01021879206AA Atomic Absorption Barium standard as BaNO32 1000 mg/l in 0.5M HNO3AA-GLO-BA-500127.85€Details
01021879210AA Atomic Absorption Beryllium standard 1000 ppm in 1M HCLAABEH241.59€Details
01021879209AA Atomic Absorption Beryllium standard 10000 ppm in 1M HCLAABEM329.91€Details
01021879212AA Atomic Absorption Bismuth standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AABIH132.91€Details
01021879211AA Atomic Absorption Bismuth standard 1M HNO3 10000 ppmAABIM242.50€Details
01021879214AA Atomic Absorption Boron as H3BO3 standard 1000 mg/l in pure waterAA-GLO-B-500126.76€Details
01021879215AA Atomic Absorption Boron standard 1000 ppm in pure waterAAB-H104.05€Details
01021879213AA Atomic Absorption Boron standard 10000 ppm in pure waterAAB-M262.43€Details
01021879217AA Atomic Absorption Cadmium standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AACDH106.56€Details
01021879216AA Atomic Absorption Cadmium standard 10000 ppm in 1M HNO3AACDM153.88€Details
01021879222AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 1 ppm in 2% HNO3AACAD1103.31€Details
01021879221AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 10 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AACAH10C103.31€Details
01021879226AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 10 ppm in 0.5M Nitric AcidAACAH10A95.70€Details
01021879219AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 100 ppmAACA1005116.28€Details
01021879220AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AACAH104.05€Details
01021879227AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M Nitric AcidAACA0188.80€Details
01021879218AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 10000 ppm in 1M HNO3AACAM233.26€Details
01021879223AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 2 ppm in 2% HNO3AACAD2103.31€Details
01021879224AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 3 ppm in 2% HNO3AACAD3103.31€Details
01021879225AA Atomic Absorption Calcium standard 5 ppm in 2% HNO3AACAD5103.31€Details
01021879228AA Atomic Absorption Cerium standard 1000 ppm in 2.5% HNO3AACEH130.76€Details
01021879229AA Atomic Absorption Cerium standard 1000 ppm in 2.5% Nitric AcidAACEH195.70€Details
01021879230AA Atomic Absorption Cesium 1M HNO3 10000 ppmAACSM272.01€Details
01021879231AA Atomic Absorption Cesium standard 1M HNO3 1000 ppmAACSH177.96€Details
01021879233AA Atomic Absorption Chromium standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AACRH106.56€Details
01021879232AA Atomic Absorption Chromium standard 10000 ppm in 1M HNO3AACRM285.99€Details
01021879235AA Atomic Absorption Cobalt standard 1000 ppm in 0.5M HNO3AACOH104.05€Details
01021879234AA Atomic Absorption Cobalt standard 10000 ppm in 1M HNO3AACOM153.88€Details
01021879241AA Atomic Absorption Copper standard 1 ppm in 2% Nitric AcidAACUR95.70€Details