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010110412181 kb DNA LadderZ6030002216.00€Details
01010128573100 bp DNA Ladder Plus, loading dye included, 250 ug, 0.5 ug per laneZ6030001-4256.00€Details
01010250318100 bp DNA Ladder Plus, loading dye included, 50 ug, 0.5 ug per laneZ6030001-2101.00€Details
0101067752820X SSCK2191050-5134.00€Details
0101012806496 Well Breast Tumor Genomic DNA PlateD8235086-1306.00€Details
0101105950796 Well Human Adult Normal Genomic DNA Plate - Peripheral Blood LeukocyteD8234148-1248.00€Details
0101004860796 Well Lung Tumor Genomic DNA PlateD8235152-1306.00€Details
0101099288796 Well Stomach Tumor Genomic DNA PlateD8235248-1306.00€Details
01010226616Acetylcholinesterase Assay KitZ5030044722.00€Details
01010915142ADP/ATP Ratio Assay KitZ5030042655.00€Details
01011246880AF Cholesterol Assay KitZ5030061695.00€Details
01010881736AF HDL and LDL/VLDL Assay KitZ5030062769.00€Details
01011311327Aligner 13-24KS072012-II419.00€Details
01011281728Aligner 25-36KS072012-III419.00€Details
01011117966Aligner 37-48KS072012-IV419.00€Details
01011083161Alkaline Phosphatase Assay KitZ5030033571.00€Details
01010796972Alkaline Phosphate Buffer, 10xK2191050-6134.00€Details
01010768244Alpha-Amylase Assay KitZ5030045801.00€Details
01010853699Alpha-Glucosidase Assay KitZ5030049801.00€Details
01011263894AnaPrep 12 InstrumentZ132100124084.00€Details
01010527085AnaPrep Bacterial DNA Extraction Kit (48) For extracting genomic DNA from bacteriaZ1322006284.00€Details
01010425823AnaPrep Blood DNA Extraction Kit 1200 (48) For extracting genomic DNA from mammalian whole blood, peripheral mononuclear cell, or buffy coat. Sample volume range: up to 1 mlZ1322002506.00€Details
01010133627AnaPrep Cultured Cell DNA Extraction Kit (48) For extracting genomic DNA from up to 5x105 cultured cellsZ1322005284.00€Details
01010759326AnaPrep Forensic DNA Extraction Kit (48) For extracting genomic DNA from a wide range of forensic and human identity samplesZ1322010317.00€Details
01011364059AnaPrep HPV DNA Extraction Kit for swab samples (48) For extracting HPV DNA from swab samplesZ1322007284.00€Details
01010887782AnaPrep Tissue DNA Extraction Kit (48) For extracting genomic DNA from a variety of animal tissues, swab, and blood stainsZ1322004284.00€Details
01010687486AnaPrep Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (48) For extracting viral nucleic acids from plasmaZ1322003284.00€Details
01010547518Arginase Assay KitZ5030047695.00€Details
01011322751ATP Assay KitZ5030041558.00€Details
01010115736ATPase/GTPase Assay KitZ5030043655.00€Details
02010341292Attoglow Western Blot Analysis Kit- with Millennium Enhancer, Anti chicken secondary antibodyK3171250-III305.00€Details
02010794583Attoglow Western Blot Analysis Kit- with Millennium Enhancer, Anti goat secondary antibodyK3171120-IV241.00€Details
02011099049Attoglow Western Blot Analysis Kit- with Millennium Enhancer, Anti goat secondary antibodyK3171250-IV305.00€Details
02011164568Attoglow Western Blot Analysis Kit- with Millennium Enhancer, Anti mouse secondary antibodyK3171120-I241.00€Details
02011013834Attoglow Western Blot Analysis Kit- with Millennium Enhancer, Anti rabbit secondary antibodyK3171250-II305.00€Details
01010622972Attoglow Western Blot Analysis Kit: Millennium EnhancerK3171250-1162.00€Details
01010260975BCG Albumin Assay KitZ5030018571.00€Details
01010632140Beta-Glucosidase Assay KitZ5030050801.00€Details
01010519501Bladder Tumor Tissue Array - 66 cores including bladder cancers of various grades and stages (29 cases) and uninvolved bZ7020106972.00€Details
01010958095Blocking SolutionK2191050-8134.00€Details
01010542348Blood and Serum DNA Isolation KitK5017100353.00€Details
01011126129Breast Tumor and Normal Tissue Array 60 spots: Duplicated spots from breast tumor tissues (25 donors) and breast normaT8235731-2295.00€Details
01010546632Breast Tumor and Normal Tissue Array 60 spots: Duplicated spots from breast tumor tissues (25 donors) and breast normaT8235731-5551.00€Details
01010365455Breast Tumor Tissue Array - 16 cases of breast cancer, each in duplicates, paired with adjacent normal tissuesZ7020007972.00€Details
01010698746Breast Tumor Tissue Array - 6 types, 18 cases of normal, reactive and neoplastic conditions of the breastZ7020010441.00€Details
01010476251Breast Tumor Tissue Array - 64 Different Breast tumors. Plus positive control and negative controlT8235721-2295.00€Details
01010851012Breast Tumor Tissue Array - 64 Different Breast tumors. Plus positive control and negative controlT8235721-5551.00€Details
01010072022Broad Range Total RNA Isolation KitK1341050262.00€Details
01010095171CancerSeq™ Paraffin Tissue Tumor Block: ColonT2235090-SB4363.00€Details
01010758720CancerSeq™ Paraffin Tissue Tumor Block: LungT2235152-SB4363.00€Details
01010317355CancerSeq™ Paraffin Tissue Tumor Block: Skin MelanomaT2235218A-SB4363.00€Details
01010285876CancerSeq™ Paraffin Tissue Tumor Slides: BreastT2235086-ST665.00€Details
01011094390CancerSeq™ Paraffin Tissue Tumor Slides: LungT2235152-ST665.00€Details
01011167914CancerSeq™ Paraffin Tissue Tumor Slides: Skin MelanomaT2235218A-ST665.00€Details
01010542447CancerSeq™ Plus Paraffin Tissue Tumor Section: LungT2235152-SC912.00€Details
01010145053Cartilage RNA Isolation KitK2031010411.00€Details
01010606202cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: AmygdalaC1236036Alz642.00€Details
01010843125cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: Frontal LobeC1236051Alz642.00€Details
01010478054cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: HippocampusC1236052Alz770.00€Details
01010102600cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: Parietal LobeC1236066Alz642.00€Details
01010140853cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: PonsC1236071Alz642.00€Details
01011126313cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: Postcentral GyrusC1236072Alz642.00€Details
01010790191cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: Temporal LobeC1236078Alz642.00€Details
01010039636cDNA - Alzheimer's Disease: Brain: ThalamusC1236079Alz642.00€Details
01010253997cDNA - Arteriosclerosis Aorta and Matched Non-arteriosclerosis AortaC8236012Hd-4-PP1123.00€Details
01011358371cDNA - Arteriosclerosis Artery and Matched Non-arteriosclerosis ArteryC8236013Hd-4-PP1123.00€Details
01010035138cDNA - Asthma: LungC1236152Ld-1779.00€Details
01011126787cDNA - Bronchitis: LungC1236152Ld-2779.00€Details
01010398308cDNA - Congenital heart disease: HeartC1236122Hd-3642.00€Details
01011269408cDNA - Congestive Heart Failure: HeartC1236122Hd-6779.00€Details
01010599148cDNA - Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis: HeartC1236122Hd-5779.00€Details
01010601216cDNA - Dementia: Brain: HippocampusC1236052Dem770.00€Details
01010417923cDNA - Depression: Brain: HippocampusC1236052Dep770.00€Details
01010831729cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: BladderC1734010363.00€Details
01010657189cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: BrainC1734035363.00€Details
01011021594cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: CecumC1734089363.00€Details
01010803468cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: EsophagusC1734106363.00€Details
01010107513cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: HeartC1734122363.00€Details
01011043789cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: KidneyC1734142363.00€Details
01011264207cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: LiverC1734149363.00€Details
01010721324cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: LungC1734152363.00€Details
01011054446cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: PancreasC1734188363.00€Details
01010452067cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: RectumC1734206363.00€Details
01010067071cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: Skeletal MuscleC1734171363.00€Details
01010664116cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: Small IntestineC1734226363.00€Details
01010391551cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: StomachC1734248363.00€Details
01011307220cDNA - Dog Normal Tissue: TestisC1734260363.00€Details
01010924640cDNA - Emphysema: LungC1236152Ld-3779.00€Details
01010840246cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: AdiposeC1234003-10224.00€Details
01010194497cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: BladderC1234010363.00€Details
01010044738cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Blood Vessel: ArteryC1234013-10224.00€Details
01011074916cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Blood Vessel: VeinC1234020-10224.00€Details
01011232848cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Bone MarrowC1234024-10224.00€Details
01010821124cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: BrainC1234035363.00€Details
01010884367cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Brain: CerebellumC1234039363.00€Details
01010437760cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Brain: Cerebellum (left)C1234040-10224.00€Details
01010501027cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Brain: Cerebellum (right)C1234041-10224.00€Details