Akro Albumins and cell culture

SKU Product name Catalog number Price  
01010266314 Bovine Cholesterol Concentrate (Diagnostic Grade) AK8992-0100 164.90€ Details
01011192026 Bovine Cholesterol Concentrate (Diagnostic Grade) AK8992 488.00€ Details
01010848133 Bovine Cholesterol Concentrate (Diagnostic Grade) AK8992-1000 1051.50€ Details
01011077748 Human Serum Albumin 20% Solution (Diagnostic Grade) AK8214 488.00€ Details
01010659978 Human Serum Albumin 25% Solution (Diagnostic Grade) AK8228 488.00€ Details
01011169622 Human Serum Albumin 5% Solution (Diagnostic Grade) AK8969 488.00€ Details
01010425973 Human Serum Albumin Powder (Diagnostic Grade) AK8358 488.00€ Details
01010565410 Human Serum Albumin- Caprylate Reduced, Protease Free Powder (Diagnostic Grade) AK8972 488.00€ Details
01010974860 Human Serum Albumin- Low Folate and B12 Powder (Diagnostic Grade) AK8971 488.00€ Details
01010137506 Human Serum Albumin-Fatty Acid Free (Diagnostic Grade) AK8970 488.00€ Details